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The Dr. Lisa Thompson Center for Family Education
depends on your generous support! 

Dr. Lisa Thompson and family.

The Dr. Lisa Thompson Center for Family Education serves to honor the memory of Dr. Lisa Thompson and help others living with traumatic brain injury (TBI), a chronic condition with challenges that impact the patient and their family throughout their lives. These families rely on the generosity and compassion of people like you to help RHI identify gaps in the health care system, pioneer new interventions that address those needs, and provide the support that is often life-saving and always life-changing.


Your donation will help provide:


♦ Scholarships for BICS (Brain Injury Coping Skills) and Couple’s CARE programs

♦ Love Your Brain Yoga program

♦ Long-term follow-up with patients living with brain injury

♦ Specialized training and certification in brain injury for RHI staff, including ACBIS (Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists); and

♦ Funding for innovative intervention pilot studies which lead to external grant funding sources (state, federal, etc.) for ongoing TBI research


Through your gift, you are supporting patients and their families on their long road to

recovery from traumatic brain injury.  





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